The Best Book

Many believe the Bible is the greatest book. Nomore. This is not a "religious" book. It is a spiritual book. Even if you have no belief in God, or are anti-religion (as is the wizard), you will receive a powerful message from this book. This book gives a clear picture of what God and the universe is all about, without the fire and brimstone. It explains in detail what God is, what Jesus really meant, and what our place in the world is. It holds a message of love and hope. You will cry. The book is called "A Course in Miracles", and is available at bookstores or Amazon for about $25. I believe it was written by Jesus through the author. It explains many things; how we are incapable of "sinning", how we are eternal spirits only temporarily in the world and how God knows only one thing:
The truth, which is love.

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