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Here in the Wizard's Cave you will find many great things. If it doesn't meet the Wizard's (Zardiw) standards, you won't find it here. In today's world there are many things of poor quality, but the Wizard carries only

the very best there is.

Banners and advertisements on this site lead to exceptional products that meet the Wizard's high standards.
Recommendations are based on personal experience, or extensive research.

You are only as good as your reputation.

How to keep bees in a TShirt and Shorts

BackYard Bee Hive

Help save our planet. Get a beehive. Innovative new hives make this so simple a child could do it:


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Palm Springs Habitat

Gourmet Mayonnaise

I recommend getting a Sony Vaio.

Think Sparrows are Cute? Think again.

Best Sparrow Trap

WaMu Equity Group

Do you have ScumWare or SpyWare on your computer?

ScumWare Test
SpyWare Info

How about ThiefWare? (Gator, TopText, eZula, Gozilla(new versions), etc.)
Thief Ware Site Fighting for a ThiefWare Free 


There is a lot of GOOD information below, that will help you with Windows, and the Internet. It took years to get this information, and now you can get it in minutes! Click below.

Computer and Internet Information/Help



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Treehouse Diet (New) (The best diet in the world)

How to make Gourmet Mayonnaise

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Palm Springs Aquarium Club
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Natural Hydraulic Lime, NHL

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Cathedral City Weed Busters

Celestial pictures: What a Total Solar Eclipse looks like
Jupiter (those round things are moons!)
Jupiter Closeup
Pluto and his moon Charon

If you liked those pictures, go here: Nasa Site

Here are links to products and sites that the Wizard has found to be exceptional. Enjoy.

Lighthouse 57


Web hosting by LighthouseLane.com

Go here and read this: The CareWare Idea and this: Interview with an Extraterrestrial, and go to the Main page link at the bottom for some neat programs, and good articles.


Custom Doors. These doors are simply amazing. Hand crafted out of old growth Redwood and other fine woods: MendocinoDoors.com

Refill your ink cartridges. This is EASY to do, and the results are GREAT. Most printers use a three color cartridge. What usually happens is just one of the colors runs out, and then it's time to buy another $30 or so cartridge. Well, you can just refill that color! And when another color runs out, you refill that one, etc. I used to think this was some type of hassle and never investigated it fully. My mistake. I'm now a convert!! This will save you a LOT of ducats. Go here to learn all about it: Refill Ink Cartridges.

Great forums for answering questions about Windows, hardware, bugs, errors, etc: Tek-Tips.com

Need a new harddrive? Want to get one for 'save my ass' backup purposes? They also have EZ Gig which will CLONE your harddrive, so if your drive goes bad, you just switch drives, and you're good to go. Go here: DriveSolutions (GREAT Site).

This site enables you to sell t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, etc. All you do is
supply the picture/artwork, and they do EVERYTHING else. I mean they make it,
sell it, ship it, and send you a check. It is really EASY to do, trust me. You'll have your own
store with products in about 20 min. Highly recommended. Click the icon to go there:

If you want to see my 'Buddy System' T-Shirt, and other products in the store I set up, go here: The Buddy System

If you want to see my 'I listen to the little voices' he he...T-Shirt, etc., go here: Little Voices

So you want to build your own Web Site? Well start here. They have TONS of stuff, and will
get you started on the right foot: HTML Goodies. Then go here: Informit

Registering your own domain name(.com, etc)? There is a site that charges about $8 a year,
instead of the $35 that Internic charges: GoDaddy Also, if you are searching for a name that isn't
already registered,
and want to try out a lot of variations and different names, you can enter a lot
of them all at one time at this site: 000Domains. Then you can go to GoDaddy to register them.

Stock DD/Trading: DDAmanda.com.

A very good inexpensive HTML editor, it has 2 windows next to each other,so when you change your HTML, you can immediately see the effect on your web page. I learned HTML with this, and you know, HTML was really EASY to learn!! You also save a lot of money by not having to buy a WYSIWYG package. They also have other software that creates buttons, nav bars, tabs, etc. HTML Web-Site Builder

Database Program: It's called Alpha5, and it's Great!. MUCH easier to use (and more Powerful) than Access, etc., and about the same price. I run my business with this, and I can't say enough good things about it. You can also develop your own product to sell with the 'runtime' version. Alpha5 Database System

All my sites are now hosted with JodoHost, which has been excellent! I've since started my own hosting business for small beginning sites which is LighthouseLane. There are many other hosting companies that have started recently, so if you want to find other reliable hosts, go to WebHostingTalk and search.

If you really want to go all out with web design, get the 'Rolls Royce', ie. DREAMWEAVER from Adobe. It is a PLEASURE to use, and manages your site, and uploads as well. If you are going to deal extensively with web design, this is the way to go. I use PHP for more complicated website programming, which is an open source program and will let you do everything that ColdFusion or ASP will.

Here's another great site for Web Development:
Bignosebird.com: Everything you need to build great web sites- for free!

Do you want to add a survey to your website? Go here for both a free and an option loaded survey: Survey Monkey

Here is a great site for Graphics Design, 3D Images, and Sculpture: Graphics, 3D Images, Sculpture

For all you developers/programmers out there. Go to WEB MONKEY . You WILL be pleased.

If you are tired of interrupted downloads, or want to download 'big game' like 20M+, let Go!Zilla drag them home. Recent versions of GoZilla contain 'SpyWare', because the company was sold, I guess. You will want to download version 3.3, once you click on the icon. This version is the 'good one', and has NO spyware. Also, if you are looking for Old versions of lots of programs, this is the site to find them: Monster Downloads Of course if you have DSL or cable, you won't need this.

A wonderful way to manage cookies and privacy (I couldn't live without this!!); get Cookie Pal. Cookie  Pal . The newer browers like Netscape 7.1 and Internet Explorer have their own cookie management included, so this program is probably going bye bye.

To Search for ANYTHING on the web, I always use GOOGLE. Be sure to check out the 'Images' link,
if all you want is a picture of something.

Travel to the Moon, land on Mars, explore the solar system and
zoom into outer space with Starry Nite: StarryNite

Amazing web tools come from Wolf. You will love their search software. Want to find THOUSANDS of MP3's?,
then you have to get MP3Wolf! They also have great software for your business on the web. Their 'Submit Wolf' will
submit your site to THOUSANDS of links and Search Engines. Wolf

If you want TOTAL privacy while using the internet, check out this link: zero knowledge

For downloading your site and using FTP sites, this is the best way: www.cuteftp.com
BTW, you won't need this to download your site if you get DreamWeaver.

Computers. I like Dell. Their help line answers quickly, and product support is top of the line.
When my modem had problems, they had a new one in my mailbox the very next day! Not only that,
but I got UPGRADED to the latest and greatest modem for FREE (let's keep that between us, ok?).
Now that's what I call customer support.

HOWEVER, there is one thing about Dell that has caused me no end of grief, and that is the 'New' design of their laptop keyboards. The new layout is so awful, that I have decided to buy Sony Vaios from now on. Their keyboard makes sense, and hasn't changed. www.dell.com

Knives. The very best are custom made by Dunn Knives.

Commodities: If you are interested in these, Tfc Charts has great charts, quotes, futures options quotes. They have a great forum. This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive site for commodities on the web. I've looked at them all, and this one is by far the best.

Stocks and Investing: Quicken USED to have the best site on the Web for this. I suggest you RUN, not walk from ANY Intuit products, ESPECIALLY TurboTax!!!!!!!

Personal Finances/Checkbook/Accounting: I started out with Quicken98, and REALLY liked that program. My sister ran her whole business on it. The new version(s) are a disappointment though. If you have Quicken98, hang onto it and do not upgrade to 2001 or 2002, because you will regret it. There are other systems, such as Peachtree, or MS Money, that may be getting the edge here. Shame on you Intuit!!, for screwing up what used to be a great product.

Best Dog Food: Ace Super Hi Pro. This is the most amazing dog food I have ever come across. It beats anything made by Purina/Alpo, etc. This is wheat based, not corn based, like most other dog foods. It's 26% protein, and actually contains lacto bacillus to help your dog's digestion. This stuff smells great, and would probably make a great stew!. After only a few days, you will notice how shiny your dog's coat has become. It is also not expensive ($15 for 50lbs). It's made by Star Milling in Perris, Ca. Ask your feed store if they can get a shipment if they don't already carry it.

Gems and Jewelry: The House of Onyx is tops here. You really want to explore this site fully.
I give it my highest recommendation. www.houseofonyx.com

Highest quality personal items, such as watches, fragrances, pens, leather goods, etc., can be found at Ashford (you could spend hours here): www.ashford.com

Seeds: A great site to get seeds. Are you looking for the Unusual? Look no further. Exotic plants. Trees. Garden plants. Veggies! Flowers. GreenWeb

Personal Information Manager: The best one I've found (and I've tried quite a few) is Time and Chaos.

Super Magnets!! There's a LOT you can do with these! Forcefield.

Alternative Power Solutions. A really GREAT site put out by people in a remote part of the Colorado Mountains. Follow their triumphs (and failures) building solar, wind, and hydro power solutions. Other Power (The Blunt edge of High Technology).

Web Site Business Credit Card accepting for physical products: I USED to recommend CCNOW.com, but they are now charging $10/month, which is unacceptable for a store, especially if you are just starting out.

Web Site Credit Card accepting for 'content', or information. Try Verotel for this. They are a very good site to use for content, and don't charge too much.

Ideafisher is an amazing creative tool. If you want to delve into your mind to help you with ideas, projects, etc., you need this software. Check out the testimonials on their home page.

Automatic aquarium fish feeder. As you've probably guessed, I keep tropical fish. I looked everywhere trying to find a good one, and was even considering building my own. But these people have beat me to it. These are really GREAT automatic feeders: Super Feeders

A word about the format of Wizard's Cave: This was my first website and was built in 1997. I'm keeping the format more or less the same, just for nostalgic reasons.
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