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The Project:

I didn't have room in my house for the size of aquarium I wanted, so I had the great idea of building it outside. These pages will chronicle the progress of the project, and serve as a tutorial on how to build an aquarium. The final size of the aquarium is 500 or so gallons. I'm going to use my existing 50 gallon tank as the biological filter. There will also be an underground thermal mass for heating and cooling. So here goes:

The aquarium was completed in 2002, and is still going strong today (July, 2009)

Btw, I found the BEST Fish Feeder (They make Cat/Pet feeders also): Super Feeder

Here's a CAD picture of the design:

The front glass panel is 7 feet wide. You can see the filter (the grey box, this is my existing 50 gallon tank), behind the aquarium. In between the aquarium and the filter, is a small tree, that is not shown.

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