The Wizard's Favorite Things

Here you will find what the Wizard has found to be great.

Personal Products

Lavilin and ByLy: These are "deodorants" that actually last 10 to 15 DAYS! They are really not deodorants, because they PREVENT odor, instead of covering it up. They're pretty expensive ($8 for a small tin), but they go a long way (you will save a bunch of money if you use them instead of spray/roll on). You will find them at health stores. The big deodorant companies do not want you to know about these great products, because they would surely go broke.

Use GOOGLE (the best search engine) to search for suppliers of these 2 products.

Automotive Products

Distributors: The best aftermarket are made by Performance Distributors. I thought my engine had valve problems, and when I put one of these in, it purred.

Tri Y Headers: These beat any 4 into 1 header around. You can get them here:

Scott’s Performance Headers
125 E. 6th St.
Beaumont, CA. 92223
(909) 845-3996
Or, you can click here:

Dr. Gas Crossover: This will give your truck/car that NASCAR sound, plus 15 or so extra ponies.
Go here: Dr. Gas

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