Palm Springs Tropical Fish and Aquarium Club

Hi all. There is no local club here in the Palm Springs, California area that I could find, so I started one. Here in the Coachella Valley, with many city's like Cathedral City, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, and Indio, we really needed a local club. So, now we can talk tropical fish, aquariums, trade, buy and sell fish and talk about other aspects of the hobby.

Go to the Message Board link below, to talk to other members. We're just starting out, so be sure to leave at least one message. It's all free by the way. We can trade fish/information and meet other tropical fish hobbyists.

The two best places to buy fish in our area are Pet Luv, at the south end of Palm Springs, where Indian and Palm Canyon meet, 323-7374, and Pet Paradise, at the southeast corner of Dinah Shore and Date Palm, in Cathedral City, 328-4606. Go visit and buy something to help our last independent local fish stores!

You don't want to get them at the large outlet stores like PetCo anyway, since their fish are of low quality and could infect your whole tank with various diseases, like they did mine...

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