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New innovations in bee keeping have made keeping a beehive in your back yard so simple that anyone can now keep a bee hive and collect their own natural honey. This will also help replenish the declining bee population.

Bee keeping has advanced to the point where you don't even need any protective equipment. See how people are taking care of their bees in a Tshirt and shorts

A Top Bar hive has just a series of bars across the top. No Frames. The bees build their own comb on the bars.

Bees are VITAL for food production. Without bees we would have NO FOOD at All. Bees pollinate plants. Without pollination there is no fruit, grain or vegetables. Without grain there are no animals either.

You could sell Comb Honey to your neighbors, or at swap meets.

Instead of selling lemonade, your kids could be selling Comb Honey!

These hives are great conversation pieces, and they look Great!

Check out The Backyard Hive on this link:

New Bee Keeping Method/Backyard Hive


These have an observation window!

Top Bar Hive


Very Gentle bees are now available. These people have no need for cumbersome bee keeping suits/veils.

Look at that honey!


Top Bar Hive



DVD that shows the possibilities:




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